junho 13, 2004

Força Portugal! 

Temos de estar preparados para a derrota..

.. a desilusão foi tremenda..

.. mas vamos continuar a apoiar a Selecção Nacional ATÉ AO FIM!

You guys did great and you should be really proud of yourselves. You earned second place. Noone expected you to even come this far and you showed them what you are really made of.
You showed us what real football/soccer looks like.
Great job!!! Be proud because you made your country proud. I became a real Portugal fan even though i am German. You convinced me to support you and I am even going to stay in Portugal for six weeks.
I'm proud of you!!!
Even though we came in second, thats awesome because we came in second out of every team in Europe and thats awesome everyone loves Portugal because you guys show us what sportsmanship is all about.....VIVA PORTUGAL
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