junho 21, 2005

Once in a lifetime.. 

The Dust and Ion Tails of Comet Hale-Bopp

Ao longo da nossa curta passagem, por vezes surge a rara experiência de ser trespassado por moléculas de gás ionizadas - e que comportam um brilho tão intenso, que a sua luz permanece para toda a eternidade.
Viajar na poeira cósmica trazida pelos ventos solares deve ser uma viagem e tanto..!
Não deve é dar muita saúde!

The Senior Citizen
- Do you see the comet?
- Oh, my. Yes.
Pause. Now I can die.

The Little Girl
- Do you see the comet?
- Wow. Wow. WOW!
She beams.
- You see it!?
- No.

The Family Man
- It's been 5 minutes already, can't you find the damn thing?
- Please be patient. I should have it shortly.
- Listen, just get any old thing and we'll tell the kids its the comet.

The Opportunist
- That fuzzy splotch? I was hoping to see something more dramatic.
- Sorry, there is no tail visible. If you want to stay later, I'll show some objects that you may find more visually interesting.
- Nah. I have to go.

The Little Boy
- Wow. This looks like a big gun.
- It's a telescope. In some ways it's more powerful than a gun. Do you see the comet?
- Yeah. Can we shoot it down?

The Business Man
- How much is that telescope worth?
- I don't know. At least ten grand.
- Yeah? How much is the comet worth?
- It's priceless.
- No. Really. How much?

- How much do you have?

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