junho 05, 2005

Brisa fresca no ouvido 

One of the unique qualities of Lou's work is that he incorporates
a great deal of the whole jazz tradition in his playing.
He's listened to just about everyone, and not only alto players.
With this knowledge of the entire jazz language, Lou is definitely an individual voice
Horace Parlan

Lou Donaldson - The Natural Soul (Rudy Van Gelder Edition)

Lou Donaldson - Alto Saxophone
Tommy Turrentine - Trumpet
Grant Green - Guitar
John Patton - Organ
Ben Dixon - Drums

Tracking List
1 - Funky Mama
2 - Love Walked In
3 - Spaceman Twist
4 - Sow Belly Blues
5 - That’s All
6 - Nice ‘N Greasy
7 - People Will Say We’re In Love (não faz parte do disco original)

A compra deste fresco já valeria só pelo Funky Mama..
Para ouvir num dia/noite quente.. como hoje!

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