janeiro 12, 2007

Marriage à-la-mode 

Why should a foolish marriage vow,
Which long ago was made,
Oblige us to each other now
When passion is decay'd?
We lov'd, and we lov'd, as long as we could,
Till our love was lov'd out in us both:
But our marriage is dead, when the pleasure is fled:
'Twas pleasure first made it an oath.

If I have pleasures for a friend,
And farther love in store,
What wrong has he whose joys did end,
And who could give no more?
'Tis a madness that he should be jealous of me,
Or that I should bar him of another:
For all we can gain is to give our selves pain,
When neither can hinder the other.

Neste poema, o dramaturgo John Dryden (1631-1700) utiliza a retórica para questionar os valores morais da sociedade, que obrigam duas pessoas a permanecerem juntas quando já não existe amor.
Para ver as restantes cinco obras série satírica Marriage à-la-mode de William Hogarth (1697-1764), clicar aqui.

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